Friday, December 15, 2017

#308 : The Jimmy Zee Band - What You See is What You Get

2017 –Jimmy Zee
Release Date : July 1, 2017

By Phillip Smith; Dec 15, 2017

What You See is What You Get, the sixth album from Vancouver, BC’s Jimmy Zee is a smoking hot album of blues-rock. Zee’s stand-out vocals are packed with character and a whole lot of rasp.  He sounds great alongside the guitar stylings of Rob MacDonald and Tim PorterThe Jimmy Zee Band also consists of singer Nadine States, bassist Miles Hill, drummer Joel Fountain, Harpdog Brown on harmonica, Darryl Havers on keys, and saxophonist Steve Hilliam.

A cool bluesy riff hooks me fast in title track, “What You See is What You Get” and sets the stage for a little swampy fun.  I love the harmonica Harpdog doles out in the twangy country-fried “Backroads”.  The backwoods energy changes in a most interesting way when Rick Threat drops by to inject his high-voltage free-flowing rap verses for the finale.   Goosebumps shoot up and down my spine when I hear the opening notes of “I Ride Alone”.  With guitars blazing, drums crashing, and harmonica blasting, the album plunges into fourth gear with Zee delivering the goods with ferocity and true grit.  This rocking anthem, topped off with Cree-Aboriginal chants from States, is absolutely brilliant. 

The sweet funky groove of “Money” slides swiftly in as Hilliam steps in on baritone sax.  Porter tears it up on guitar to put the icing on this stellar tightly wound jam. The song segues seamlessly right into another one of my favorites, “My Old Lady is a Freakshow”.  Revving from the get-go, the hook is groovy and unavoidably contagious.  Like the great Joe Cocker, Zee’s performance is exuberant and hard-hitting. 

The Jimmy Zee Band’s polished and unique spin on blues-rock is what makes What You See is What You Get such a fabulous listen.     



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