Saturday, October 26, 2019

#414 : Southbound Snake Charmers - To the Bone

2019 – Southbound Snake Charmers
By Phillip Smith; Oct. 26, 2019

I’m so very much excited to hear To the Bone, the fourth and latest release from Southbound Snake Charmers.  Their 2017 album, Rhythm ‘n’ Rust instantly drew me in to their world of psychedelic blues rock.  That record totally captivated my attention, and was an instant hit for me.  With To the Bone, this trio from Melbourne, Australia continues to push the envelope of blues rock with heavy and thunderous beats, loaded to the brim with gobs of grease, and hard-edge lyrics.  This EP features four brand new all-original tracks, and two remastered favorites.    The band is fronted by vocalist/guitarist Chris Denman, with bassist Nat Sutphin and drummer Brooke Maloney comprising one hell of a rhythm section.  Denman notes their intent on this recording was to recreate a 60’s / 70’s vibe, by recording all the rhythm live in one room at one time, omitting any synthesized or digital instruments.  This certainly gives the music a warmer and more personal sound.          

Reminiscent of the wonderful, hoodoo-injected swampy sounds of John Fogerty, the album hits the ground running with “Through the Smoke”.  The band masterfully creates an ominous stage for this hard-rockin’ anthem to flaunt its magic.  “Playing With Fire” continues to keep my blood pumping at full capacity with its furious beats, and wailing guitar licks.  Deman’s vocals are fearless and powerful.  The intoxicating and inescapable groove on “My Crazy” rapidly latches its claws right in and holds on tight.  At the core, this is pure delta blues lit up with gasoline.  It sounds fantastic.

The two remastered tracks are “Don’t Speak Too Soon” from Rhythm ‘n’ Rust and “Ride On” from Voodoo Chicken Shack, both of which sound amazing.  The whole EP is a terrific listen, and will remain on heavy rotation in my player.  I highly recommend it.  


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