Saturday, December 7, 2019

#420 : The Paul DesLauriers Band - Bounce

2019 – Vizztone
By Phillip Smith; December 7, 2019

Bounce, the third and latest album from The Paul DesLauriers Band is filled to the brim with hot smoldering blues topped with DesLauriers’ soulful vocals.   It’s no wonder why this Montreal-based blues group has pulled down Entertainer of the Year twice at Canada’s Maple Blues Awards, and took second place at the 2016 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee.  Guitarist/singer Paul DesLauriers leads this trio with Alec McElcheran on bass, and Sam Harrison on drums.  Bassist Greg Morency also appears on six of the thirteen tracks.    

I love the infectious guitar riff DesLauriers keeps churning on “Let Me Go Down in Flames”.  I’m easily drawn to the North Mississippi vibe emanating from it.  J.P. Soars notably appears on “Picked a Bad Day”, a killer song with a heavy-duty bass-line.  The dual guitars are searing.  PLB’s cover of Anthony ‘Duster’ Bennett’s “Jumpin’ at Shadows” is beautifully melodic.  They conjure up a big tasty helping of delta blues on “When the Darkness Comes” for another superb listen.  My favorite track on the album is “Loosy Goosy Jam #769”.  This cool-as-hell six and a half minute instrumental rides along an unstoppable driving rhythm, which DesLauriers slathers with his amazing guitar picking.  It’s absolutely fabulous.

Bounce is a must hear for blues fans.  DesLauriers and his band have set a new bar for themselves.  This really is a terrific listen.


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