Saturday, May 23, 2020

#446 : Tony Holiday - Soul Service

2020 – Vizztone  

By Phillip Smith; May 23, 2020

Striking while the iron is still hot from his acclaimed Porch Sessions album released last summer, Memphis musician Tony Holiday has forged a new killer record called Soul Service.  Produced by Ori Naftaly of Southern Avenue, and recorded at the famed Zebra Ranch studio in North Mississippi, Soul Service has a sort of Memphis-meets-Bakersfield sound.  Behind the microphone and with harp in hand, Holiday is joined by Landon Stone on guitar, Max Kaplan on bass, and Danny Banks (John Nemeth band) on drums.  Special guests include Victor Wainwright on keys, and Naftaly on guitar. 

The funky guitar riff on “Paying Rent on a Broken Home” quickly sinks its hooks into me.  Along with Holiday’s smokin’ harp, it makes for a whopping serving of soulful blues.   “Good Advice” is fabulously nostalgic, as it reflects of a time when the division between country and rock were more blurred.  Holiday absolutely swings with “Checkers on the Chessboard”.  He plays this brilliantly.  I love the dreamy melody on the slow-cooked break-up song, “It’s Gonna Take Some Time”.  Wainwright’s accompaniment sounds so good.  Holiday’s performance on “The Hustle” is attention-grabbing, with his dynamic lyrical cadence and infectious groove.   

Holiday’s blend of blues, country, rock and soul is seamlessly stitched into this absolute gem of a record.  Soul Service is definitely recommended. 


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