Tuesday, July 26, 2022

#566 > Color Green - Color Green (PhillyCheezeBlues.Blogspot.com)


2022 – Org Music

By Phillip Smith; July 26, 2022

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I love it when music like this new self-titled album from Color Green comes my way.  Their music is cut from the same fabric as many of my favorite bands, such as Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, Phish, and Flaming Lips.  Formed in Queens, but now based in Los Angeles, Color Green is comprised of co-founders Noah Kohll and Corey Madden.  Together this duo creates a dreamy eight-track cocktail of roots-based rock.

“Warbling Sky” tranquilly floats through the gate first. riding atop a layer of pedal steel from Tim Ramsey and a Dead-inspired bridge which explodes with energy.  It’s magnificent. Upbeat and slightly twangy, “Ill Fitting Suit” is another fun one.  With a hook that says “you pay your dues, I’ll pay mine”, this song would easily compel a field of hippies to dance.  With Madelyn Strutz on banjo, “Bell of Silence” is one that soothes the soul with its beautiful, lush melody and hypnotizing harmonies.  Another bonified favorite track “Blizzed Out” swings to a Seventies southern rock groove.  This honey-hole of a track is bodaciously slathered in slide guitar and peppered with unexpected cosmic attacks.  It’s absolutely brilliant.

I highly recommend this album.  Color Green is a terrific listen from start to finish.     



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Saturday, July 23, 2022

#565 > Cliff Stevens - Better Days (PhillyCheezeBlues.Blogspot.com)


2022 – Cliff Stevens

By Phillip Smith; July 23, 2022

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Montreal-based blues-rocker Cliff Stevens has recently released his fifth studio album Better Days.  Loaded with eleven brand-new originals, this record is a genuine dose of heart-tugging blues, reminiscent of the album-oriented music popular in the Seventies.  The music ranges from old-school delta blues to that inspired by the likes of Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan.  It surely makes for a hearty listen.  With Stevens on guitar and vocals, Sam Harrison appears on drums, Serge Dionne on bass, Eric Suave on organ/piano, Pat Loiselle on harmonica, and Kim Feeney on vocals.

Stevens rips the wrapping paper off this package in a spectacular way with Texas smoked blues guitar and a sizzling rack of rhythm as title-track “Better Days” lunges forward.    It’s plumb terrific.  Between Stevens’ vocals and Suave’s funktified piano, there’s a huge Dr. John vibe going on in “No Room Left” as Stevens continues to tear it up on guitar.  Amid a driving beat, lush organ, and barrelhouse piano, more hot licks ensue on “Time For Me to Go”.  Then, it’s low and slow for some deep blues on “I’ve Been Thinking About You”.  Steven’s string-bending performance is sweet and crisp.  It sounds so damn good.  When he pairs slide guitar with precision picking, the best of two worlds collide, bringing the album to its end with a delectable instrumental called ‘Slim Picking”. 

Between the fabulous songwriting and the flawless execution of the songs, Better Days from Cliff Stevens stands out as a one of my favorites of the Summer.       


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Also available on Bandcamp

Saturday, July 16, 2022

#564 > Starlite Campbell Band - Live (PhillyCheezeBlues.Blogspot.com)


2022 – Supertone

Release Date; July 22, 2022


By Phillip Smith; July 16, 2022

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I’ve been hooked on Starlite Campbell Band since reviewing their first album, Blueberry Pie five years ago.  That was such an amazing album.  For their third release, wife and husband Suzy Starlite, and Simon Campbell took their songs on the road across the UK and wove together this delightful eight-track album of live performances with drummer Steve Gibson (Buzzcocks, Jack Bruce) and three organists Jonny Henderson (Matt Schofield, Kirk Fletcher), Christian Madden (the Liam Gallagher Band), and Josh Phillips (Procol Harum).

With a strong opener called “Brother” off Campbell’s 2011 solo album Thirtysix, the music kicks off with a funky beat backed by swirling keys and a driving rhythm.  Their hot guitar licks and buttery bass sound fabulous.  From that same solo album, they break out two more smokin’ blues-rockers: “Preacher of Love” and “Misgivings”.  They both sound magnificent. 

“Said So” from their 2021 Language of Curiosity album, ushers the listener through time and space with brush-strokes of The Kinks, Allman Brothers, and The Who, culminating into a mind-blowing psychedelic treat.  With Josh Phillips behind the keys, they close the record with a beautiful cover of Procol Harum’s “Whiter Shade of Pale”.  Campbell’s vocals are flawless.

Infectious hooks, meaty jams, and innovative song-writing stand front and center, making Starlite Campbell Band’s Live album an exhilarating listen.  It keeps my full attention from beginning to end.             


PhillyCheeze reviews Starlite Campbell Band



For more information about Starlite Campbell Band, visit https://starlite-campbell.com

For more information about Suzy Starlite, visit https://suzystarlite.com

For more information about Simon Campbell, visit https://simoncampbell.com

Sunday, July 10, 2022

#563 > North Liberty Blues & BBQ Festival - July 9, 2022 (PhillyCheezeBlues.Blogspot.com)

North Liberty, Iowa 

Centennial Park

All photos by Phillip Smith; July 09, 2022

Original Source : phillycheezeblues.blogspot.com

It was a beautiful day for a music festival in North Liberty, Iowa.  Sunshine was abundant, accompanied by blues skies and white clouds.  Centennial Park was filled with festival-goers seeking blues, barbeque, and fellowship.  The barbecue was delicious, and although I did not stay for the entire event, the music I heard from Avey Grouws Band, Nathan Graham, Sam Ross Quartet, The Tanya English Band, and Lilly Hiatt, was downright terrific!

* All Photos by Phillip Smith

Avey Grouws Band

Nathan Graham

Sam Ross Quartet

Tanya English Band

Lilly Hiatt

Friday, July 8, 2022

#562 > Dylan Triplett - Who is He? (PhillyCheezeBlues.Blogspot.com)


2022 – Vizztone Label Group

By Phillip Smith; July 9, 2022

Original source : phillycheezeblues.blogspot.com


Who is He?, the debut album from 21 year old St. Louis vocalist Dylan Triplett, is a phenomenal recording.  With a voice that has a range of four and a half octaves, Triplett began his professional singing career at the age of fifteen singing with his father, jazz saxophonist Art Pollard.  Produced by Larry Fulcher who is also on bass guitar, this ten-track album features Triplett on lead vocals with Dr. Wayne Goins (head of Jazz Studies at Kansas State University) on guitar, Montez Coleman on drums, Ryan Marquez and Mike Finnegan on keys, and Joe Sublett and Kyle Turner on saxophones.  Also appearing on the album are special guests Christone “Kingfish” Ingram, Johnny Lee Schell, Sean McDonald, and Tru Born on guitars.

“Barnyard Blues” cracks the lid of this album open with Kingfish manhandling the guitar solos and Finnegan tearing it up on organ. Triplett tackles this original like a seasoned pro with a fearless approach.  He then fabulously takes on Bill Wither’s “Who is He (And What is He to You?).  His voice, soulful and buttery, sounds so damn good.  “Junkyard Dog” cowritten by Triplett and Fulcher is a horn-infused delight about love for better or worse.  Schell and Tru Born rip it up on guitars as Coleman lays down a serious groovy beat.  I love the heart-felt slow blues of “I’ll Be Waiting”.  Written by Triplett, this heart-wrencher features Schell on the guitar solos.  Triplett confidently takes on Marvin Gaye’s “That’s What Love Is” for a stellar performance with an old school Motown vibe.   Then he follows up with a smoking take on Lonnie Brooks’ “Feels Good Doin’ Bad” with Kingfish back on guitar.  It’s a surefire favorite. The album comes to a close with an exquisite jazz selection covering of Miles Davis’ “All Blues” complete with horns.  Triplett’s delivery is suave and guided with precision as he slides in to George Benson mode.

Who is He? won me over on the first listen, and continues to garner more of my attention with each and every listen.  I can’t wait to hear what Triplett has in store for this next album.



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Saturday, July 2, 2022

#561 > Matty T Wall - Live Down Underground (PhillyCheezeBlues.Blogspot.com)


2022 – Hipster Dumpster Records

By Phillip Smith; July 2, 2022


Original source : phillycheezeblues.blogspot.com


Since Matty T Wall’s debut release in 2016 of Blue Skies, I’ve reviewed each of his albums.  I’m sure not going to break tradition with his latest, Live Down Underground.  Wall very much deserves the kudos.  He is a force to be reckoned with and his prowess behind the guitar never ceases to amaze me.  Recorded at Lyric Underground in Perth, Western Australia, this nine-track release features Wall backed by drummer Ric Whittle and bassist Leigh Miller.

Wall gives a smoking performance as he leads off with the story-telling outlaw blues of “Broken Heart Tattoo”.  This is followed up by the intense red-hot instrumental “Slideride”.  I enjoy the fierce licks and rolling thunder from the moment the song blasts off.  “Scorcher”, another searing instrumental is also quick to capture my attention.  Wall is an astonishing beast on the guitar.  I love the fact that he brought “Sophia’s Strut” out to play.  This mind-melting track from his 2018 Sidewinder record is still lightning in a bottle, just as I described it four years ago.  The psychedelic piece de resistance that begs to be heard is the nearly fifteen minute long “Voodoo Chile”. Wall conjures up an extraordinary listening experience, masterminding a cosmically intense journey that stretches across the universe to shake hands with Hendrix himself.   

Matty T Wall’s previous two albums have landed in my yearly Top 20 lists, and I have no doubt this one will be in my list for 2022.  Live Down Underground is a bodacious live album of guitar-centric blues-rock one can sink their teeth into.  It’s a highly recommended listen.



PhillyCheeze reviews Matty T Wall

Transpacific Blues Vol. 1  - https://phillycheezeblues.blogspot.com/2019/12/422-matty-t-wall-transpacific-blues-vol.html

Sidewinder - https://phillycheezeblues.blogspot.com/2018/09/351-matty-t-wall-sidewinder.html

Blue Skies - https://phillycheezeblues.blogspot.com/2016/07/matty-t-wall-blue-skies.html



For more information about Matty T Wall, visit https://www.mattytwall.com


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