Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tommy Talton - Until After Then

2014 – Hittin’ the Note
By Phillip Smith; Nov 22, 2014

I just can’t seem to get enough of singer/songwriter Tommy Talton’s (Cowboy, ex-We the People) latest album, Until After Then.  Not straying too far from his wheelhouse, based on country/southern rock, Talton masterfully walks the listener through this elegantly constructed album using a medley of different themes and musical styles.   

Talton is all revved up and ready to change the world for the better, in title track, “Until After Then”.  Snazzy guitar licks, and catchy hooks reminiscent of Todd Rundgren’s “We Gotta Get You a Woman” bring this track to the forefront. “Real Sugar” is a fun one too. It cleverly lambasts the food industry with its quirky lyrics, knocking the habitual inclusion of synthetic ingredients and additives like high fructose corn syrup and polysorbate 60 into our food.  This track is served with a nice big slice of funk with accompaniment from Kelvin Holly on wah-wah guitar, Brad Guin on sax, and Ken Watters on trumpet.  Still on track with changing the world, “Mr. Love” slows it down a notch to provide a poppy commentary about gun control in a Paul McCartney-esque style.    

I have a soft spot for “My O My”, a cool and fragile little love song about living life “two as one”. Talton beautifully plays this one on acoustic guitar. The track that really puts the smile on my face though, is the bonus track, “Surfin’ the Levee”.  This is a homage to seventies rock, like that heard from bands such as the Allman Brothers and Deep PurpleKenny Head attacks the organ much the same way as Edgar Winter, giving an outstanding performance, as Talton throws out tasty groovy licks from his guitar.   

I immensely enjoy the lyrical and stylistic twists and turns that present themselves while listening to this album.  Until After Then is a delight to hear.

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