Saturday, August 1, 2015

Slackjaw - It’s Always Something

2015 –Slackjaw
By Phillip Smith; Aug. 1, 2015

It’s Always Something, the second album from New Jersey blues rockers Slackjaw, rapidly grabbed my attention with its tight musicianship and devil-may-care lyrics.  This trio consists of singer/guitarist John Thompson, drummer/harmonicist Randy Marinelli, and bassist/backing vocalist Carl Capodice.   

Album opener “Carried By Six” is smothered in Texas blues and sounds great.  Not only is Thompson one hell of a guitar slinger, but Capodice and Marinelli hold the fort down quite nicely to boot.  When it comes to relationships, if it’s not one thing, it’s another.  That’s the message in the rocking title track, “It’s Always Something”.  Thompson seriously tears it up, and throws down the gauntlet when it comes to blasting out intense guitar licks. A funky bluesy rhythm with a Spin Doctors flair gives the light-hearted love song, “New Addiction” a feel-good groovy sound.  This one surely puts me in my happy place. Tempo shifts, and more outstanding hard-driving riffs, make the melodic “Whiskey Lane” one of my favorites.    

Slackjaw closes out with the carousing song, “Bottle of Whiskey”.  This partying track is the perfect closer, and gets stuck inside my head quite often now.  All in all, It’s Always Something is a rambunctiously good listen.

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