Saturday, July 1, 2017

Sam Price and the True Believers (self-titled)

Sam Price and the True Believers
2017 – Sam Price Music

By Phillip Smith; July 1, 2017

When he’s not immersing himself into his mind-warping bass performances for the critically acclaimed Honey Island Swamp Band, New Orleans Sam Price has a sweet gig fronting his own funk-tified band, Sam Price and the True Believers.  With Price on bass and lead vocals, The True Believers consists of guitarist Matt Galloway, drummer Ethan Shorter, keyboardist Phil Breen, Conga Mike on congas, bongos, and percussion, and singer Whitney Alouisious.  Their first release is a five-track jubilee of infectious songs and note-worthy musical performances. 

Good vibes are abundant in the soulful bouncing rhythm of “Where I Want To Be”.  Featuring guest guitarist John Fohl (Cherry Poppin’ Daddys, Dr. John), this one turns my heart light on full beam.  Price breaks out the treasure chest of old skool funk on “Down To You”.  The whirling sounds of keys set the stage for Price’s funky bassline, Alouisious’ fierce vocals and a blazing saxophone played by Tom FitzpatrickEric "Benny" Bloom (Lettuce) lends his trumpet mastery to this song leading it to a cosmic climax.  It feels really good to snuggle up inside the relaxed swaying melody of “Keep On Pushing”.  I can’t help but think of Steely Dan when listening to this one.

I look very much forward to hearing what may come next from Sam Price and the True Believers.  They definitely have a good thing going.


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