Friday, April 19, 2019

#387 : Alexis P. Suter Band - Be Love

2019 – Hipbone Records

By Phillip Smith; April 19, 2019

Be Love, the latest album from Alexis P. Suter Band is one hot record.  Suter, who carved out her career in New York, opening for The Levon Helm Band and B.B. King, knocks another recording out of the park with her powerful and soulful voice. Her band consists of Michael Louis (guitar,vocals,bass), Vicki Bell (vocals), and Ray Grappone (drums).

Suter pines for her loved one as she pours a smooth layer of deep Sixties soul on ballad “Lips Hips and Fingertips”.  The song has a warm nostalgic essence about it.  A revving rhythm topped with some bodacious slide guitar brings some fast-paced blues to ”Little Back Rider”.  It really hits the spot.  I love the hip-swinging blues of “Sway”.  This funk-filled line dance number is an absolute favorite.  I love the slow groove and cosmic atmosphere of “Dog Eat Dog”.  There’s a definite George Clinton/Eddie Hazel influence on the front end.  When it come to the title track, “Be Love”, there’s a lot of energy flowing through.  This is a sure-fire blues-rocker that begs to be heard loud.  Filled with horns, keys, and searing guitar, the song jams indeed.

Be Love, from the Alexis P Suter Band is a hit in my book.        

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