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Saturday, February 25, 2023

#598 : Alastair Greene - Alive in the New World (


2023 – Whiskey Bayou Records

By Phillip Smith; Feb. 25, 2023


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Alastair Greene’s guitar wizardry coupled with his innate ability to craft songs is just the beginning of why his live albums are as delectable as the ones he recorded in studio.  I love the studio albums, but the live albums make for an entirely different listening experience with Alastair packing more into several of the songs.  Greene’s most recent disc Alive in the New World covers ten of the eleven tracks on his 2020 studio album New World Blues.  Produced by Tab Benoit, these live recordings were taken out of a six-night run in Chicago at City Winery during a 2021 tour in which Greene was opening for Benoit.  The lineup is exactly the same as the original studio album with Greene on guitar and vocals, Benoit on drums, and Corey Duplechin on bass and harmony.  The songs are sequenced very differently than they originally were on New World Blues and omits the inclusion of “Alone and Confused”. 

Alastair’s guitar is ablaze and slathered in Texas blues as he leads the record off with “Back at the Poor House”.  The funky groove on this instrumental whisks me away to my happy place.  “Lies and Fear” gets down and dirty as Greene questions an age-old manipulation tactic.  He takes this song skyward as he opens up and lets loose.  I absolutely love “Heroes” as it crashes ashore riding atop an enormous melancholy wave.  The song still reminds me of The Meat Puppets.  It doesn’t take long for “Bayou Mile” to get swampy after it gently rolls in.  Greene dishes out a whopping helping of slide guitar on this one and it sounds great.  Alive in the New World closes in a bodacious way with “The New World Blues”.  This is when Greene dumps the remainder of grease and swamp-water into an amazing finale. 

The New World Blues was a favorite of mine in 2021.  Alive in the New World is a favorite of mine in 2023.  I recommend getting both.    


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Saturday, May 11, 2024

#682 : Alastair Greene - Standing Out Loud (

2024 – Ruf Records

Release Date : May 17, 2024


By Phillip Smith; May 11, 2024

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Alastair Greene is one of those artists I am always excited to hear new music from. He really does elevate blues-rock to a whole new level. In the past, Greene has worked with other favorites of mine such as Alan Parsons, and Sugaray Rayford. For his latest and eleventh solo record Standing Out LoudGreene has enlisted the extraordinary J.D. Simo to co-produce and engineer this off-the-chain listening experience.

The churning, driving rhythm of “Slow Burn” pulls me in tight for a tasty dish of ZZ-Top-inspired Texas blues slathered in a spicy slide sauce. “In Trouble”  is an incredible-sounding blues-rocker. If KISS played blues, this track definitely represents what it would sound like. It’s indeed a favorite. I love hearing that swampy slide guitar as it echoes out from “The Last to Cry”. Greene slows it way down for “Rusty Dagger” for an amazing listen where notes seem to hang in mid-air. His guitar-mastery absolutely shines on this one. A stellar cover of Rory Gallagher’s “Bullfrog Blues” brings this record to its finish. It truly is a smashing performance.

It's refreshing to hear such an unbridled approach to blues as Greene and Simo exhibit in this recording. It’s raw, it’s to the point, and it rocks.


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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Alastair Greene - Dream Train

2017 –Rip Cat Records
Release Date : Oct 20, 2017

By Phillip Smith; Sep 23, 2017

Alastair Greene recently parted from his seven-year gig as Alan Parson’s touring guitarist and made the decision to follow his musical dream of pursing a full-time solo career. His most recent album, Dream Train, produced and mixed by David Z is a monumental one to say the least.  It contains a dozen originals and one fabulous cover.  With Greene on guitar and vocals, he is joined by Jim Rankin on bass, and Austin Beede on drums.

Beede’s thunder-filled pounding beats fuel title-track “Dream Train” as Greene kicks it into full-throttle fearlessly blasting his turbo-charged electric blues. “Nome Zayne”, a previously-unreleased Texas-style blues-rocker written by Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) and featuring the great Walter Trout is funky and infectious.  It’s definitely one of my favorites, as is “I’m the Taker”.  Greene keeps this one powerful, raw and a bit psychedelic. 
The instrumentals on this album are delightful.  So elegant is “Song For Rufus”.  Though clocking in at just less than two minutes in length, it carries heartfelt warmth. “Iowa” is a blessing to hear as well, and not just because it is where I call my current home.  The rich sounds from organist Mike Finnegan and the gentile waves of crashing cymbals provide a perfectly textured space for Greene’s guitar to explore.  This gorgeous song quickly brings to mind my first listen of Eric Johnson’s Tones album.  Debbie Davies appears with guitar in hand for a swinging instrumental blues jam on “Grateful Swagger” and it is downright terrific.  

There’s a heavy North Mississippi Delta vibe in “Rain Stomp”.  Greene plays this wonderful callback to classic blues slathered up with a heaping dose of exquisite swampy slide.  A collaboration with Mike Zito results in one badass song called “Down to Memphis”.  The riffs are hard and intense.  The slide guitar is fantastic.  

One listen to Dream Train, and it’s so very obvious Alastair Greene made the right decision to pursue his musical dream.  This is absolutely one stellar blues-rock album.


Saturday, February 13, 2021

#486 : Alastair Greene - The New World Blues


2020 – Whiskey Bayou Records

By Phillip Smith; Feb. 13, 2021

I’ve been a fan of Alastair Greene since reviewing his 2017 release Dream Train.  That album came to fruition soon after his lengthy gig of playing with Alan Parsons.  Hearing his latest album, The New World Blues, only made me more of a fan.  Greene is rocker rooted in blues, and a bluesman rooted in rock.  His songs are solid as hell, and his guitar prowess is absolutely stunning.  Tab Benoit, cofounder of Whiskey Bayou Records produced the album, and took on drums, with bass player Corey Duplechin rounding out this paramount power-trio. 

“Living Today” gets this eleven-track record off to a ripping start, with Greene reminding us to let our love shine through this world gone mad.  The song is quite powerful.  Benoit throws down a monster beat as Greene absolutely tears it up on guitar.  Greene pours a jug-full of delta grease into “Bayou Mile” a ballad of reflection. This one puts a smile on my face and makes me think of home.  Things heat up when Greene breaks out a big ol’ case of Texas-style blues on his instrumental “Back at the Poor House”.  This one evokes the fabulous sounds of Stevie Ray Vaughan.  Sitting atop a delicate framework, is this beautiful and melancholy song called “Heroes”.  It totally captivated me, both lyrically and musically.  When I heard the harmonized vocals, I was instantly reminded of one of my favorite bands in the nineties, The Meat Puppets.  The album comes to a walloping finish on title-track “The New World Blues” with Greene doling out heaping helpings of swampy electric slide.  It sounds so damn good. 

“The New World Blues” is definitely among the best albums I’ve heard this year.  It’s surely one blues-rock fans will want to grab.   


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Sunday, December 23, 2018

#353 : Amanda Fish - Free

2018 – Vizztone

By Phillip Smith; Sep. 22, 2018

Free, the latest album from Amanda Fish has a sense of earnest purity in both the writing and presentation.  The music, delivered with the swagger of an outlaw poet, is a heart-stopping head-turner.  Amanda not only holds court as vocalist on this terrific blues-rock record, but she also plays bass (all tracks), acoustic guitar, electric and 12-string guitar, mandolin and piano.  This artist is extremely talented to say the least.  Drummer Glen James backs her on all the tracks.   Also appearing on this disc, are guitarists Dave Hayes, Ken Valdez, Coyote Bill and Lois Nadal, Chris Hazelton on keys, and vocalist Sara Morgan.  Special guests include Alastair Greene, “Steady Rollin’” Bob Margolin, Tyler Morris, and Richard Rosenblatt    

One of the most amazing songs I’ve heard this year is the blues ballad “Anymore”.  Fish’s vocals are heartfelt and soulful.  Hayes’ contagious guitar riff, and Hazelton’s funky keys sign, seal and deliver this wonderful track.  I love the swampy southern twang of “The Ballad of Lonesome Cowboy Bill”.  Like an old Marshall Tucker record, this one sets up shop with a tale to tell and a fistful of fiery guitar licks.  Fish’s powerhouse vocals are nicely framed by Margolin and Morris.  Alastair Greene kicks the door in and takes no prisoners with a dynamite guitar performance on “Going Down”.  This is one bad-ass house-rockin’ song.  The infectious driving rhythm on “Not Again” charges along like a freight train on a mission.  Rosenblatt sweetly accompanies on harp, and Hays on guitar.  “You Could Be” is beautifully played.  It’s got such a robust sound rooted in the wonderful instrumentation of Fish on guitar and piano, Hazelton on organ, and Coyote Bill on guitar.   

Amanda Fish grabs my full attention with Free.  It is one hell of a spectacular listen.  That’s for sure.


Sunday, December 26, 2021

#534 : PhillyCheeze's Favorite 20 of 2021


By Phillip Smith; Dec.25, 2021


PhillyCheeze's Favorite 20 of 2021

(in alphabetical order)

Gov't Mule - Heavy Load Blues

Corey Harris - The Insurrection Blues

Tony Holiday's Porch Sessions - Volume 2

Seth Lee Jones - Flathead

Joseph and the Velozians

Jujubees - Where Are We Now

Kingfish - 662

Larkin Poe & Nu Deco Ensemble - Paint the Roses

Memphissippi Sounds - Welcome to the Land

Miss Lady Blues - Moe Betta Blues

Tony Spinner - Love is the Answer

Sugarmill Slim

Carolyn Wonderland - Tempting Fate

Ghalia Volt - One Woman Band

The Spotify Playlist