Saturday, July 2, 2022

#561 > Matty T Wall - Live Down Underground (


2022 – Hipster Dumpster Records

By Phillip Smith; July 2, 2022


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Since Matty T Wall’s debut release in 2016 of Blue Skies, I’ve reviewed each of his albums.  I’m sure not going to break tradition with his latest, Live Down Underground.  Wall very much deserves the kudos.  He is a force to be reckoned with and his prowess behind the guitar never ceases to amaze me.  Recorded at Lyric Underground in Perth, Western Australia, this nine-track release features Wall backed by drummer Ric Whittle and bassist Leigh Miller.

Wall gives a smoking performance as he leads off with the story-telling outlaw blues of “Broken Heart Tattoo”.  This is followed up by the intense red-hot instrumental “Slideride”.  I enjoy the fierce licks and rolling thunder from the moment the song blasts off.  “Scorcher”, another searing instrumental is also quick to capture my attention.  Wall is an astonishing beast on the guitar.  I love the fact that he brought “Sophia’s Strut” out to play.  This mind-melting track from his 2018 Sidewinder record is still lightning in a bottle, just as I described it four years ago.  The psychedelic piece de resistance that begs to be heard is the nearly fifteen minute long “Voodoo Chile”. Wall conjures up an extraordinary listening experience, masterminding a cosmically intense journey that stretches across the universe to shake hands with Hendrix himself.   

Matty T Wall’s previous two albums have landed in my yearly Top 20 lists, and I have no doubt this one will be in my list for 2022.  Live Down Underground is a bodacious live album of guitar-centric blues-rock one can sink their teeth into.  It’s a highly recommended listen.



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Saturday, June 25, 2022

#560 > Jack's Waterfall - American Roots Project (


2022 – M.C. Records

By Phillip Smith; June 25, 2022

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American Roots Project is the latest release from Jack’s Waterfall, a band which originated as The Water Street Blues Band, co-founded by pianist/vocalist Jack Licitra and harpist Steve Demanchick in the 1990’s.  The ten tracks of music are all-original songs written by Licitra and heavily steeped in New Orleans tradition.  The album quickly garnered my affection on the first listen.  Along with Licitra and Demanchick, Jack’s Waterfall is comprised of Mark Carpentieri (founder of M.C. Records) on drums, Trifon Dmitrov on bass, and Rod Borrie on trombone. 

With the trickle of piano keys, and a second-line beat, the opener “Louise” rolls out in a carefree stroll, bringing a big smile to my face.  Licitra’s polished vocals pull me right in.  I love the vibrant NOLA barrelhouse mood and lyrical flow that gushes out in “My Baby’s Gone a Long Time”.  Lucitra is a true master of song-writing.  “Soul Rider” is another that steals my heart.  The soulful vocals are perfectly paired with a brilliant piano performance.  The funky jam of “Community” reminds me of good times at Phish concerts.  The song has been lodged in my brain for a few days now.  American Roots Project wraps up in a glorious way with “Like an Eagle”.  With the DNA of a strong Southern spiritual, this celebratory song is most definitely a feel-good one.    

This album is terrific from start to finish, and leaves me wanting to hear more from Jack’s Waterfall.   


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Saturday, June 18, 2022

#559 > The Harpoonist and The Axe Murderer - Live at the King Eddy (


2022 – The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer

By Phillip Smith; June 18, 2022

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It’s a rare occasion where a live album is my first experience with a band’s music, and it turns me into an instant fan.  Live at the King Eddy, the latest release from The Harpoonist and the Axe Murder is definitely the center point of one of those occasions.  The Harpoonist is vocalist/harp player Shawn Hall.  The Axe Murderer is guitarist Matt Rogers.  The two together with vocalists Andrina Turenne and Dawn Pemberton, along with keyboardist Geoff Hilhorst throw down one hell of a shindig at the historical King Edward Hotel in Calgary.  That recorded performance celebrates fifteen years of collaboration of playing the Blues, and it’s absolutely wonderful.

“Cry a Little” trucks right on in, and gets things off to a swinging start with a funky harp-laden groove and whiskey-soaked vocals.  I can’t help but gush about the swamp-water soaked “Do Whatcha”.  Between the whirling sounds of Hillhorst’s organ and Hall’s guttural yelps, the song takes glamourous dips into the psychedelic realm.  From their most recent studio album Apocalipstick, “Pretty Please” is a fiery, rambunctious track which transforms the revival tent into a hot and sweaty blues tent, bringing everyone to their feet.  “Father’s Son”, another selection off the same studio album, is simply amazing.  I love how the driving beat and funky riff takes a cliff dive into another universe.  It’s certainly no “Cats in the Cradle”.  That’s for sure.  Rogers cranks up the heat on guitar for a cooking performance as Hall goes all-in on “Get Out” taking the blues to the brink of places I’ve never heard.  This track does indeed tear the roof off the sucker. 

Live at the King Eddy is an absolute eye-opener for me.   The musical chemistry shared between these guys sure makes for some exquisite blues.  I hope I have the opportunity to catch them live in concert one of these days, because I’m sure it would be a hell of a good time.



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Saturday, June 11, 2022

#558 > Gary Cain - Next Stop (


2022 – Gary Cain

By Phillip Smith; June 11, 2022

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Next Stop, the latest release from Canadian blues-rocker Gary Cain, takes off like a rocket, and soars to the heavens.  His guitar prowess is extraordinary and an absolute treat to hear.  Cain, a 2018 semi-finalist at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee, has talents which run much deeper though.  This ten-track album reveals just how much.  Written and recorded in Austin, Texas, Next Stop is all Cain.  He wrote the music and lyrics, plays all the guitar and bass parts, sings, programs drums, and handles percussion.

Rocking an infectious Texas boogie, “Billionaires in Space” blasts the album off by taking a satirical jab at Elon Musk’s and Jeff Bezos’ ego-centric race to boldly go where no man has gone before.  Cain seemingly draws inspiration from Jimi Hendrix on “Confusion”.  His powerhouse performance is so hot, it downright cooks.  Cain furiously throws everything he has into “Kitchen Sink”.  This fabulous instrumental brings to mind a favorite by The Aristocrats called “Kentucky Meat Shower”.  It’s an exhilarating experience to hear Cain’s intense guitar picking riding the bleeding edge of his barreling beat.  Reaching the tipping point of being fed up is a gradual process and that’s the way Cain goes with “Gone” a song with that exact theme.  The mellow and melodic atmosphere stretches outward and inward, taking heavy and funky turns with its cozy groove.  Next Stop wraps up with “A Short, Furious Goodbye” with special guest John Lee on B3 organ.  This cosmic instrumental clocks in at two minutes, seventeen seconds and beautifully lives up to its name.

Next Stop is one album guitar aficionados will definitely want to give a listen to.  It’s fantastic.  



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Saturday, June 4, 2022

#557 > Gina Sicilia - Unchange (


2022 – Vizztone

By Phillip Smith; June 4, 2-22


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Since reviewing Gina Sicilia’s 2016 album Sunset Avenue, I’ve made a point to check out her music as it is released.  Her latest record Unchange is rather spectacular.  Produced, recorded, and mixed by Colin Linden at Pinhead Recorders in Nashville, Tennessee, Unchange features Linden on guitars and vocals, Johnny Dymond on bass, and Bryan Owings on drums to back Sicilia’s beautiful voice.

The opening track “Healing Time” is a wonderous splash of slow, soulful blues with Kevin McKendree on piano.  Sicilia draws me immediately in with her sensational vocal artistry and she sounds fabulous.  She continues to amaze me as title-track “Unchange” follows up in a cloak of poignancy and a beautiful performance from Linden on guitar.  I love it when she breaks into the classic blues traditional “Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor”.  Guest backing vocalists Ann and Regina McCrary add a really nice touch to this extraordinary song.  Sicilia and Linden turn on the heat when they get to the cover of Reverend Gary Davis’ “Death Don’t Have No Mercy”.  Its twangy goodness is seared to perfection.  Sicilia takes crooning to the next level on “Don’t be Afraid to be Wrong”.  With Bohemian nuances sewn into its fabric, this delightful song is indeed a favorite.

The divine voice of Gina Sicilia hits all the right notes for a classic taste of pure Americana.  Unchange is an absolutely stunning album.




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Saturday, May 28, 2022

#556 > The Groove Krewe featuring Nick Daniels III - Run to Daylight (


2022 – Sound Business Services

By Phillip Smith; May 28, 2022

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Spearheaded by songwriter/musician/producers Rex Pearce and Dale Murray from Southern Louisiana, The Groove Krewe is a group of handpicked studio musicians selected to back featured artist Nick Daniels III (Neville Brothers, Dumpstaphunk).  This this funky New Orleans-style party record called Run to Daylight features Daniels on bass guitar and lead vocals, with the core of The Groove Krewe consisting of drummer Eddie Bayers, bassist David Hyde, guitarists Rex Pearce and Nelson Blanchard, and horn players Jason Parfait, Ian Smith, Pete Verbois, Chris Belleau, Lacy Blackledge, and Bob Henderson.  This ten-track album is packed with all original songs crediting at least one of the two producers Pearce and Murray with writing credits on every song.  

The Groove Krewe kicks things off in a delightfully funky way with title-track “Run to Daylight”.  The large band sounds lively and festive.  “That’s New Orleans” keeps the good times going in ‘Who-Dat’ fashion with shoutouts to Bourbon Street, Preservation Hall, and beignets.  There’s no doubt this is going to be a go-to album to spin this summer as the Krewe breaks into a chic Seventies-style disco groove on “Have a Party”.  It’s absolutely fabulous.  I love the album closer “Raising Cane on the Bayou”.  It hits the ground running in a surge of high-energy blues splashed with a bit of grease and topped with horns.  The Stax-meets-Muscle Shoals vibe on this one positively glistens. 

Run to Daylight is a feel-good album with puts me in a happy mood.  This is just what I needed to hear. 




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Saturday, May 21, 2022

#555 > Ryan Lee Crosby - Winter Hill Blues (


2022 – Ryan Lee Crosby

By Phillip Smith; May 21, 2022

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It was two years ago I first heard Ryan Lee Crosby play at the virtual Juke Joint Fest in Clarksdale, Mississippi.  The annual event was thrown for a spin in 2020 due to Covid 19, so organizers cleverly decided to take the festival online in a virtual sense with free live Facebook streams, and app-driven tip jars.  That was my first time to experience Juke Joint Fest in any capacity, and I was totally captivated.  Crosby’s performance bowled me over with his unique way of playing and his pure blues authenticity.

Produced by the legendary Bruce Watson (R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Robert Belfour), and dedicated to his mentor, the great Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, Winter Hill Blues is a sensational nine-track album of deep-delta acoustic guitar blues.  Eight of those nine tracks are wonderfully-timeless originals penned by Crosby.  Backing Crosby is drummer/percussionist George Sluppick (JJ Grey & Mofro, Chris Robinson), and bassist Mark Edgar Stuart.   

From the beginning notes of “I’m Leaving”, I’m onboard.  I love how Sluppick’s freight-train beat kicks in and Stuart’s bass notes penetrate right to the bone.  Crosby impressively woos me on guitar, declaring “Well I’m gonna leave ya child, I’m gonna leave when the morning comes”.  His genteel delivery of title-track “Winter Hill Blues” is beautifully executed.  There’s a definite Skip James energy surrounding this one, and it sounds wonderful.  The swirling hypnotic rhythm on “Down So Long” pert near puts me in a North Mississippi trance, and I enjoy it immensely.   Continuing along Bentonia blues tradition with songs about the devil, Crosby’s “Was it the Devil” is a poignant and reflective song about his mother’s passing.  Here he sings “It was the devil who made her do that thing, but it was the lord who gave her angel’s wings”.  He takes a hard look at the institutions we are most familiar with in his hard-driving blues anthem “Institution Blues”, and finds a hidden purpose of systematic control when he takes a peek behind the curtains.  The song could’ve been written at anytime within the past hundred years, but its words are ageless.  The album closes with a robust cover of Rev. Robert Wilkins’ “Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down”.  The slide guitar on this track is absolutely fabulous.

Winter Hill Blues is a wonderful album of traditional blues and it deserves all the future accolades it will receive.        




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Ryan Lee Crosby on Bandcamp

Saturday, May 14, 2022 #554 > Diunna Greenleaf - I Ain't Playin'


2022 – Little Village

By Phillip Smith; May 14, 2022

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I Ain’t Playin’, the latest release from Texas blues artist Diunna Greenleaf is a must-hear.  This three-time Blues Music Award winner, dishes out thirteen wonderful tracks, incorporating blues, soul, funk, and southern gospel.  Her amazing vocals are backed by a stellar lineup of musicians which include producer Kid Andersen on guitar, Jerry Jemmott on bass, Jim Pugh on keys, and Derrick “D’mar’ Martin on drums.

The album busts loose on a strong Stax-influenced start with “Never Trust a Man”.  A funky bassline, groovy beat, and stellar horn section provide the perfect pocket for Greenleaf’s fiery voice.  Steeped in seventies soul, “Running Like the Red Cross” gets down as Pugh deals out a generous dose of swirling keys to accompany the song’s lush melody.  “If it Wasn’t for the Blues” is delightfully funky in an Isaac Hayes kind of way.  With guest Igor Prado on lead guitar, this is the song I can listen to many times over and enjoy it each and every time.  All it takes is five seconds for Jemmott’s infectious bassline riff on “Answer to the Hard Working Woman” to reel me in for an invigorating musical explosion.  I love how Martin’s precision beat, Greenleaf’s vocals, and those fabulous horns get increasingly thicker until the final note.  The blues sounds so good when Diunna sings “Damned if I Do”, and with accompaniment by Andersen, she sounds even sweeter. 

Ain’t Playin’ is such a dynamic album.  Everything about it works and it sounds amazing.  


*  I * I finally had the pleasure of seeing Kid Andersen play a couple of weeks ago in Memphis.  He was playing guitar for Elvin Bishop at the Memphis in May Beale Street Music Festival.  It was indeed a thrill to watch them perform together.









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Sunday, May 8, 2022 #553 > Vaneese Thomas - Fight the Good Fight

2022 – Blue Heart Records

By Phillip Smith; May 8, 2022

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There was a definite magic in the air when Vaneese Thomas recorded Fight the Good Fight at the famed Royal Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, a place once home to Hi Records and the Hi Rhythm Section.  The album represents all which I love about Memphis music: the soulful melodies, the funky intoxicating rhythms, the horns, the blues-soaked guitars, and the swampy country detours.  It’s no secret, music runs deep in Thomas’ family, often referred to as Memphis’ “First Family of Soul”.  Her father being the legendary Rufus Thomas, her sister, the “Memphis Queen” Carla Thomas, and her brother the notable keyboardist Marvell Thomas.   Fight the Good Fight features a dozen all-original tracks, and according to Vaneese, “I feel like it’s some of the best writing that I’ve ever done”. 

With a blast of horns nestled in a bed of sweet southern soul, “Raise the Alarm” opens the album as a wake-up call to a crisis looming over the horizon.  Thomas’s riveting vocals shine on “Rosalee”.  Standout banjo accompaniment from Peter Calo and slide guitar from Tash Neal pull this wonderful song into a bluegrass setting.  There’s a very cool Steely Dan vibe on the piano-driven “I’m Moving On” as it fuses several genres together.  I love how Scott Sharrard absolutely tears it up on slide.  I’m totally captivated with each listen of “’Til I See You Again”.  This lush, outstanding song is filled to the brim with soul and beautifully performed.  Thomas lets loose on country-rocker “He’s a Winner”.  Peppered with harmonica from Corrin Huddleston, this track is a sweet and fun shoutout to her life partner Wayne Warnecke who co-produced the album with Thomas.  Violinist Katie Jacoby makes a guest appearance on “Fight the Good Fight” infusing a more Nashville-leaning sound to this title-track with a message of hope and encouragement.

Thomas’ Fight the Good Fight is a thought-provoking and refreshing listen.  I enjoyed it through and through.           




For more information about Vaneese Thomas, visit this website :



Vaneese Thomas - "Same Blood Same Bone" {Official Music Video}


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Saturday, April 23, 2022 #552 > Jarkka Rissanen Tonal Box feat. Kalle Fält - Bones


2022 – Humu Records

By Phillip Smith; April 23, 2022

Original source :


Having reviewed Finnish guitarist Jarkka Rissanen’s 2021 album Cargo last year, I was quite anxious to hear his latest release Bones with his band Tonal Box featuring Kalle Fält.  Like his previous album, this one is comprised entirely of instrumentals divinely steeped in jazz fusion leaning into funk and blues.  Tonal Box is comprised of Rissanen on guitars, lap steel, and Casio, Fält on tenor sax, Jorma Välimäki on tuba and double bass, and Jussi Kettunen on drums and percussion.

Bones rolls in on a funky beat surrounded by the sweet swampy sound of slide peppered with blasts of sax from Fält on “Chicken Hawk”.  Then “Heyday” hits, with its alluring dance-inducing rhythm and relaxed Hawaiian-flavored lap steel with a saxophone-lead.  I love the space created with their cover of Dr. John’s “Della (Part 1)”.  With tuba accompaniment, this song beautifully captures the essence of a lazy day.  I detect a strong jam-band essence in “Shake”.  With every listen, I’m reminded of Phish, a favorite of mine.  “Down the Road” walks the tightrope between blues and jazz, with Rissanen holding down the blues on guitar while Fält keeps a foot on the jazz side of the song on sax.

Jarkka Rissanen wins me over again with these eight instrumental tracks on “Bones”.  It’s an absolutely splendid album.              


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Saturday, April 16, 2022 #551 > GeminiiDragon - Fighting Fire with Fire


2021 – Nepotism Recordings

By Phillip Smith; April 16, 2022

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The bluesy hard-edged grooves and hearty power-filled vocals stand front-and-center on Fighting Fire With Fire, the latest release from Louisiana recording artist Jessica Harper aka GeminiiDragon.  Undoubtedly, that’s the winning combination which immediately drew my attention to this record.  This all-original album hosts eight splendid tracks co-written with producer/guitarist Christian Simeon.  With Harper behind the mic, and Simeon on guitar, the rest of the band is comprised of bassist Danny Woolen and drummer Kash Carlsson.    

With an infectious rhythm running through it, title-track “Fighting Fire with Fire” kicks the album off with an Eighties-era vibe in a delicious musical cocktail of new-wave soul.  “Just the Way it is” leans in a little heavier as Simeon throws in harder, groovier riffs, and Harper demonstrates her vocal mastery and range.  “Huh Huh Huh” is a genuinely cool track too.  As Carlsson lays down a very danceable Seventies disco beat, GeminiiDragon channels her inner Tina Turner, with Simeon taking a more industrial approach on guitar.  It sounds great.  When it comes to straight-up blues, “Woman Scorned” is absolutely fabulous.  I love Harper’s little growls she peppers into the song.  Like those classic Led Zeppelin tracks we so adore, “Blacktop Good Man” rolls in like thunder before a storm.  GeminiiDragon’s fearless approach on vocals conjure a huge rock-star presence as Simeon is there to back her all the way on guitar.  It’s definitely an amazing song.  The comradery between Harper and the band shines bright on “Badder Than Eva” as they bring the album to its close.  The stripped-down instrumentation and the whisky-soaked vocal runs transport me right to the heart of the Mississippi delta. 

Fighting Fire With Fire is one of those albums which captivated me at first listen, and kept me completely engaged until the end.  I’m looking forward already to GeminiiDragon’s next release.  


     Just the Way It Is  (Offical Video)

Huh Huh Huh (Official Video)

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Saturday, April 9, 2022 #550 > Eliza Neals - Badder to the Bone


2022 – E-H Records

By Phillip Smith; April 9, 2022 

Original source :


Eliza Neals is an artist who consistently delivers album after album of solidly-written, exquisitely performed blues-rock.  Badder to the Bone marks my fourth album from Neals which I have made a point to review, and the title is very much on the mark.  She is a total badass in the music world, and this album is indeed badder to the bone.  With Neals on lead vocals, piano, and B3, the other musicians on this record are Lance Lopez ( SuperSonic Blues Machine, Lucky Peterson) and Billy ‘JC’ Davis (Hank Ballard & the Midnighters, Jimi Hendrix) on guitar, Peter Keys (Lynyrd Skynyrd) on B3+200A, Jason Kott ( Robert Randolph) and Paul Randolph ( Alice Cooper, Mudpuppy) on bass, Tim Grogan, Skeeto Valdez, Brian Clune, and Jeffrey “Shakey” Fowlkes ( Too Slim) on drums, Michael Puwal ( Kenny Wayne Shepherd) on guitar+bass, and Kimberli Wright on backing vocals.        

Fowlkes’ high-octane beat and Puwal’s swampy slide guitar heats things up quite nicely as Neals takes charge vocally on a call for unity in “United We Stand”.  She then follows up with an intoxicating dose of slow buttery blues featuring a searing guitar solo from Lopez on “Queen of the Nile”.  It’s an extraordinary listen.  “Lockdown Love” is a great song too.  With Fowlkes and Puwal onboard, this red-hot track shares the frustrations of dealing with stress while living inside a covid-constructed bubble.  Cloaked in a Sixties-mod fashion, “I Got a Gun”, featuring Billy Davis on guitar, is catchy as hell.  When Quentin Tarantino finally gets around to filming Kill Bill 3, this song would be a perfect fit for the soundtrack.  The gospel-soul-inspired “Heathen” is a beautiful piece with a Muscle Shoals vibe about taking out the trash.  I love how Neals’ piano performance is coupled with Galvin behind the B3.   I absolutely adore her cover of Blind Faith’s “Can’t Find My Way Home”.  Neals takes this 1969 classic and breathes into it a new glorious life with Lopez at the guitar helm absolutely tearing it up.  When he plays, notes majestically hang in the air. 

I can’t help but be a huge fan of Eliza Neals.  Her approach to the Blues is a fresh and unique one.  I thoroughly enjoyed “Badder to the Bone” from start to finish.  It’s chockful of badassery for sure.        



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Saturday, April 2, 2022 #549 > Hurricane Ruth - Live at 3rd and Lindsley


2022 – Hurricane Ruth Records

By Phillip Smith; April 2, 2022

Original source :

Live at 3rd and Lindsley, the sixth and most recent album from Ruth LaMaster aka Hurricane Ruth lands a ferocious punch with a fistful of raw, hearty blues.  This fourteen-track gem was recorded at 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville, Tennessee and produced by two-time Grammy winner Tom Hambridge.  It features Scott Holt and Nick Nguyen on guitar, Calvin Johnson on bass, Lewis Stephens on keys, with Hambridge also behind the drums.  Jimmy Hall makes a guest appearance on a couple of songs as well.

With a wall of rhythm, and searing guitar behind her, Hurricane Ruth leads the album off in a fierce way with “Roll Little Sister” which originally appeared on her 2012 release Power of the Blues ... Feels Like a Hurricane.  “Dirty Blues”, which was one of my favorites off her 2020 album Good Life, is hot and slathered with lots of swampy slide.  I love the cover of Peppermint Harris’ “As the Years Go Passing By” with Jimmy Hall’s fantabulous harp performance and accompanying vocals.   I can almost feel the magic which was happening onstage when this was recorded.  Hall shares his talent for one more song, “Make Love to Me”, originally on Hurricane Ruth’s Born on the River album.  This, paired with the prior song, makes for a nice scorching two-fer of red, hot blues.  LaMaster ends the show with a song she wrote for her mama, “Dance Dance Norma Jean”.  Holt injects a ZZ-Top-sized lightning bolt of electricity into this John Lee Hooker-inspired boogie for a jaw-dropping experience.  It absolutely cooks.           

Hurricane Ruth’s Live at 3rd and Lindsley is as solid as they come for live blues albums.  It’s the real deal, that’s for sure.       



HURRICANE RUTH - Barrelhouse Joe's / 3rd & Lindsley Nashville

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